The River Road African American Museum exhibits include Free People of Color; African Influences on Louisiana Cuisine; Rural Roots of Jazz; Black Doctors of the River Road; Louisiana Black Inventors; Folk Artists; Louisiana Underground Railroad; Reconstruction Period; History of Education in Plantation Country and Slave Inventories
Visit the River Road African American Museum and learn about the past in order to understand the future.
Learn about the story of the River Road African American Museum from its beginning to our future plans. Here also you find is our vision/mission statements and a letter from the founder/director of the museum, Kathe Hambrick.

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"Our Roots Run Deep"
A History of the River Road African American Museum

by Dr. Thomas Durant, Jr.
Foreward by Kathé Hambrick

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$30.00 Includes Shipping

This beautiful, 8 ½” x 11”, limited edition, hardcover book
is a comprehensive overview of black history and culture in the African American communities along the River Road.
It includes rare photographs, documents, maps and pictures of families from the rural areas and Donaldsonville.

REVIEWS: "It all adds up to a comprehensive overview of black culture and history in the plantation communities around Baton Rouge. This book is a must addition for schools and libraries everywhere."

Greg Langley
The Advocate Books Editor
June 2, 2002

"Our Roots Run Deep" is a lovingly documented story of how the River Road African American Museum came to be, beginning with the inspired dream of a tenacious young woman, Kathe Hambrick This book is an invaluable resource for African Americans. Like the museum, it serves equally for all Americans in order that we can understand out true story. Until we each know our neighbors history, we know only half of our own. Kathe Hambrick and Dr. Thomas J. Durant, Jr., have heeded well the old African proverb quoted in the book, "Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."

Ernest J. Gaines
Acclaimed author of "A Lesson Before Dying"
Winner of National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction

Limited Edition
Louisiana Reconstruction Poster
with Portraits of the distinguished members of the convention and assembly A.D. 1868


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