Perseverance, Strength and Faith

The River Road African American Museum, located in the historic district of Donaldsonville, Louisiana is the premier facilitiy in the South to focus on the history and heritage of
African Americans along the Mississippi River.
The River Road African American Museum exhibits include Free People of Color; African Influences on Louisiana Cuisine; Rural Roots of Jazz; Black Doctors of the River Road; Louisiana Black Inventors; Folk Artists; Louisiana Underground Railroad; Reconstruction Period; History of Education in Plantation Country and Slave Inventories
Visit the River Road African American Museum and learn about the past in order to understand the future.
Learn about the story of the River Road African American Museum from its beginning to our future plans. Here also you find is our vision/mission statements and a letter from the founder/director of the museum, Kathe Hambrick.


With over 300 years of history, the legacy and importance of Africans in America to the growth of the South, the United States and the world is evident through the collection and exhibits of rare artifacts found at the museum.

We invite you to view a glimpse of the exhibits we offer at the River Road African American Museum here on our website. History awaits you.

This museum program brings together poetry and art in this exhibit of featured area folk artists, which is sure to delight all who visit. Enjoy the works of artists such as:

Alvin Batiste – A native of Donaldsonville, Batiste began drawing at the age of three and he has become a world-renowned self-taught artist. Discover the works of this artist who reflects different themes of the African American culture and life captured from his observations and experiences in the rural South. Learn more about Batiste at

The River Preacher - Painting By Malaika FavoriteMalaika Favorite – An acclaimed poet, artist and author was born in Geismar, Louisiana. “I learned to do without what I didn’t have and to use what was there.” The River Preacher, painted on an 8’ x 4’ roof tin, is a featured mixed media work of art in the museum collection. Malaika's art can also be seen at Hambonz in downtown Donaldsonville. To contact Malaika; email

Art by Michael SmithMichael Smith - The folk artist known as Louisiana’s “toothpick sculptor"; Michael’s Jug of Faith captivates young visitors who try to figure out Michael’s method of sculpting a toothpick church in an uncut wine bottle.


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