The River Road African American Museum exhibits include Free People of Color; African Influences on Louisiana Cuisine; Rural Roots of Jazz; Black Doctors of the River Road; Louisiana Black Inventors; Folk Artists; Louisiana Underground Railroad; Reconstruction Period; History of Education in Plantation Country and Slave Inventories
Visit the River Road African American Museum and learn about the past in order to understand the future.
 Learn about the story of the River Road African American Museum from its beginning to our future plans. Here also you find is our vision/mission statements and a letter from the founder/director of the museum, Kathe Hambrick.
ACT NOW!! A limited number of bricks are available.


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Your beautiful 4" x 8" brick paver is permanently etched with your special message. Become a permanent supporter of the River Road African American Museum's Rosenwald restoration project located at Lessard and Williams Street.


Some special ideas for your brick:
The ... Family, Class of ..., In Memory of ..., Pray for ... ., In honor of...

RRAAM Buy A Brick Supporters

4 x 8
$100 per brick; 4x8, 18 characters per line, 3 line max


Rev. Thomas C. & Mary L. Kitts
Abundant Life Community Outreach
Marin & Greer Waller
Oliver & Ella Hawkins
Harold & Mary Hambrick
Derrick & Stacey Lowery
Barker Family Reunion
Edward & Mary Julien
Stephen & Saundra McGuire
Michael & Rutha Cayette And Family
Yakira Spurlock
Tylair Garrison
Deondus Garrison
Oena and Joseph Hill, Sr.
LaBelle and Henry Demby, Jr. Family
Dr. Ernest Marcelle, Jr.
Lauren B. Fields-LSU 2011
Delores Fernandez-Memoriam
Ida and Henry Demby, Sr. Family
George and Jacqueline Hambrick
Sharon & Sheryl Hambrick
Leo Nocentelli & Jack Nocentelli Family

Lovinggood & Hazel Washington
Sheldon & Cassandra Hambrick
Voncea LeBlanc Roussell
Lucy Dubose and Family
Marjorie Coleman Family
Darryl Willis and Family
William V. Willis
Cora H. Willis
Robert L. Willis, Sr. & Family
Don Vappie
Thaddeus Richard
Vivian P. Logan
Diane Marshall -Tavernir, FLA.
The Family of Paul C. & Estella Marshall
Roy and Effie Carter
Carol Sells
Everett M. Sells, Jr.
Audrey M. J. Sells
Chalanette Trevigne
Friends of Forks, Roads-Natchez, MS
Alfred J. Randolph
Lena and Thomas J. Durant, Sr.
Annie and Thomas J. Durant, Jr.
Abraham Michael Wade
Mattie Landry
Ascension Fair Association-Prairieville, LA
Mildred Hambrick Randolph
Tyrone Durant
Timothy Durant
Albertina Dominique
Jamilah Peters-Muhammad
6th Ward 5th Graders-Vacherie, LA (2011)
Clarence E. Hall, Jr.
RRAAM Buy A Brick Supporters-Continued
Mrs. Maggie W. Caldwell
Mae J. Moses Hendricks
Darryl Gissel
Eunice M Lavigne
Judge Curtis A Calloway & Family
Moniker Ford The Plaisance Family-Donaldsonville
Barry Wesley Edwards
Bonita F. King
Tulane Law 1992
Mildred Delay Hambrick and Family
The Sprowl Family
Leroy P. Alfred Family, St. Gabriel, LA.
Emma Alfred Family, St. Gabriel, LA.

Red Hat Society Girls On The Go, Morgan City, LA
Louis Charles Roudanez Family
KBZE 105.9 FM-Howard Castay
Safiri-Rites of Passage-Cleveland Ohio
Lois K. Fuller
Arrashaine LeBlanc
Board Member Charles Fuller
Doradine Knockum
Frank J. Howard & Stefan F. Howard
Yvonne S. & Wilfred J. Buggage, Sr.

The Lowery High Class of 1969 Teachers
Ralph Ricardo, Sr., by Lowery Class of 1969
The Lowery High Class of 1969
1969 Graduates-Lowery High School Mattie Daniels-Lowery High Class of 1969
Dr. E. C. Land, Sr., Lowery High Class of 1969
Dr. John H. Lowery-Lowery High Class of 1969
John S. Jones-Dean, Southern Univ., Rosenwald Agent
Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones, Pres. Grambling State Univ.
Iris & Stanley Morand

Andrew & Doris Morand
Margarite & Harold Hambrick, Sr.
William & Dora Hambrick
Darryl Hambrick
Janice & Lawrence Linton
Adam J. & Betty K. Falato
Marcella T. Hines-September 12, 1921-May 2, 2011
Bearl & Deloris Scieneaux and Family
Samuel P. Jackson
Martha W. Thomas


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